Lunchtime Links: It’s Up to You to Get Things Done

Make sure tasks get done—whether you’re the boss or not. Also, a few apps to recommend to your exhibitors at your next event.

Even if you aren’t the designated project manager or direct supervisor, keeping members of cross-functional teams motivated to complete assignments is in your unwritten job description. Tips on tactfully taking colleagues to task, and more, in today’s Lunchtime Links:

From nagging to navigating: Holding a colleague accountable for his or her contribution to a project shouldn’t come with backlash. On Inc.com, VerticalResponse CEO Janine Popick says that project leaders managing colleagues who are not their direct reports need to find ways to ensure team members follow through on assignments. This means making it clear that deadlines are non-negotiable, and regardless of their roles, all staff members must contribute in some way. “If you have frequent communication and check-ins along the way for the project, you give folks the opportunity to bring up any delays, risks, or obstacles,” she writes. “Then you can address them head-on and hopefully help the person move forward.”

“Apps at the ready”: Although SocialFish contributor Sam Peters says tradeshows are optimum networking events for exhibitors, they don’t always bring the right tools to maximize success on the show floor. With the proper smartphone applications on hand, she writes, exhibitors will “be able to sell more products, connect with more people, and get a better performance out of [their] tradeshow experience.” Peters advises exhibitors to bring three types of apps to every event: “You need an app to help you network, an app to help you collect leads, and an app to help you collect payments.” In other words, coach your exhibitors to download business card, badge scanner, and credit card scanner apps before they come to your next show.

Chill out at the hottest spots: From dealing with marketing to getting guests to register, meeting planners always have a full plate. But according to Cvent’s Event Planning blog, an exceptional conference is all about location, location, location. The blog offers pointers on picking the perfect conference destination, including considerations such as safety precautions and an area’s popularity. “While it’s true that some people don’t like crowds, most people get a kick out of being in a place that everyone’s flocking to,” CVent notes. “So it’s nice to have companies and organizations send their folks to locations where people are already going.”

How does your association choose a fun conference location? Let us know your take in the comments.

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Alexis Williams

By Alexis Williams

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