Social Media Roundup: Nurturing Nonprofit Newbies

Fledgling association professionals have a thing or two to learn before taking the leap into the nonprofit world. Also: ways to convince your RSVPs to actually show up at your next event.

We all know that starting a new job can be cumbersome. In the realm of associations, nonprofit newbies should seek out veteran peers and devote time to their own professional development to make a smooth transition.

Some tips for becoming a savvy association pro, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Know the Ropes

“Learn from my mistakes”: When entering a new field, it’s easy to feel isolated or fall headfirst into endless hours of work. In a guest post for Multiview’s blog, freelance writer Deirdre Reid, who once worked for the National Association of Home Builders, gives up-and-coming association professionals several suggestions on how to get started in nonprofits, based on her own experience. Besides keeping an ear to the ground on Twitter, Reid recommends setting goals, seeking mentors, pausing before reacting, and being observant. “Listen to and watch people,” she writes. “You have to understand human behavior, both individual and group, if you want to motivate, manage, and lead staff members.” (ht @MultiView)

Keep Your RSVPs From Going MIA

Function freebies: It’s safe to say that most attendees are looking for something out of the ordinary when making the final decision about attending an event. It can be difficult to stand out in a field of events that publicize free food and swag on their Eventbrite pages and Twitter profiles. Will Broome, CEO of the event information aggregator London Launch, offers event planners 10 tips to ensure those who RSVP actually show up. Broome suggests offering transit options, corporate gifts, and downloadable educational tools. These attract attendees because they show that you planned the event with them in mind and want them to remember you after the fact. Together with traditional event planning methods, such as choosing a fresh venue and a creating a catchy hashtag, these tips should have your guests lining up around the corner. (ht @Londonlaunch)

Any other suggestions for getting attendees to drop by? Let us know in the comments.


Alexis Williams & Alexis Davis

By Alexis Williams & Alexis Davis

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