Social Media Roundup: What Event Planners Do Before the Event

A new survey suggests that long hours are the norm for event planners prior to an event. Also: Amazon bites the bullet and raises the price of its Prime service.

Feel like, in the run-up to an event, you’re racing against the clock—and getting very little sleep in the process? You’re not alone.

Highlights from a new survey in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Survey Says: You’re Busy

Literally, that’s what the survey says. According to a new infographic from QuickMobile, the average meeting planner has a lot to do. Planners typically organize between five and nine events each year, they work 15 to 20 hours per day during the planning stages of an event, and they’re on the road two full weeks of each year. And sometimes they even get weird requests. (Catered insect dinner? Been there, done that.) Check out QuickMobile’s graphic breaking down the planning that goes into a huge event. It’s the first in a series—coming soon are “during” and “after” graphics. (ht @QuickMobile)

Still Prime Pricing?

As we reported earlier this week, Amazon’s popular Prime service is a worthy example of a successful for-profit membership program, but it had raised a few questions about a proposed price increase. Now, it’s official: That standard yearly subscription to Amazon Prime will cost you $99 per year, up from $79. (Oh yeah, random aside—79 is a prime number, but 99 isn’t.) If that price sounds a little too rich for your blood, Time has a few alternatives—including some hacky ways to work around Amazon’s price increase. (ht @ASegar)


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By Ernie Smith

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