Tuesday Buzz: Maybe You Should Be Too Proud to Beg

Why begging for attention on social media might get you the wrong kind. Also: What's holding the event industry back, anyway?

Your Twitter ROI isn’t so hot. You’re stuck begging for follows and retweets.

What are you doing wrong? According to the Event Manager Blog‘s Julius Solaris, quite possibly a lot. Among the points on the list—and there are a lot of things you could be screwing up—is this noteworthy one: Begging for retweets and attention is not the way to go.

“The proliferation of begging is mostly due to a report that was pushed a couple of years ago that said that ‘Please RT’ tweets were somewhat effective,” Solaris writes. “If you allow me the metaphor, children begging and nagging to have the latest toy are often times effective but not for the right reasons.”

Instead of doing that, Solaris has a few other ideas for you. Read up.

Tweet of the Day

The event industry is important, but some might argue it’s stuck in a rut. Change, according to Gallus Events head William Thomson, doesn’t come easy, which is why his breakdown might have a ring of truth for association meeting planners. One of his key claims: “The discipline of event management is not regarded as a skill by a lot of people. As a result, everyone thinks that they can run a conference or an exhibition, and this makes it very difficult for event planners to have the power and influence to suggest changes.” Think he has a point?

Other good reads

Need some ideas for generating more nondues revenue? Informz has a few.

If your executive director job listing looks like this, SCD Group’s Steve Drake suggests it might be time to look for an association management company.

Have a fully digital life, but still love paper? Take a good look at the notebook company Mod, which Fast Company reports allows users to take their notebooks, mail ’em in, then save ’em to the cloud.

Phishing scams are getting more sophisticated. Gizmodo warns of one involving Google Docs—it looks very convincing.


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By Ernie Smith

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