Samsung Galaxy Note II

I Can’t Live Without My… Samsung Galaxy Note II

The Samsung Galaxy Note II: A smart smartphone that anticipates your next move.

This smart smartphone anticipates your next move.

“I love my Samsung Galaxy Note II smartphone for many reasons, but at the top of the list is its ability to predict what I want to say and cut my typing time in half (at least).As I type in any application (or write using the stylus), this especially smart phone predicts the next word I am likely to type.It doesn’t have to wait until I start typing the word, although it refines the search for the right word as I do so.Much of the time, it has learned phases or words (including names, acronyms, and technical jargon) and suggests them for me. I need only tap the word and move on, saving me lots of keystrokes.” — Rick Johnston, CAE, vice president, association practice lead, ICF Ironworks, Fairfax, Virginia


Rick Johnston, CAE

By Rick Johnston, CAE

Rick Johnston, CAE, is principal and association practice lead for ICF Ironworks, and is based in Glen Allen, Virginia. MORE

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