How I Got Here: Ron Rosenbaum

Ron Rosenbaum, the Sports and Fitness Industry Association's senior vice president of marketing and business development, got his start as a paperboy.

Ron Rosenbaum started his career delivering newspapers for The Daily Press/Times Herald in Newport News, Virginia. He says a summer spent doing manual labor in three-digit temperatures on the aircraft carrier USS George Washington taught him the importance of getting a good education to find a career that was fulfilling—something that he’s confident he’s done. A few highlights from his career path follow:

“If you really want a rewarding career, it’s important to identify where you have talents and then match that to a career focused on subject matter that you enjoy.”

A Working History

1983–1984 Newspaper delivery for The Daily Press/ Times Herald

1988–1989 Food server at ChiChi’s Mexican Restaurant

1990 Intern at NBC WAVY-TV10 Sports Department

1993–1995 Sales and consulting coordinator at St. Anthony Consulting Group, Inc.

1997–1998 Vice president of the tennis division at WTS International

1998–2001 Marketing manager at United States Tennis Association

2001–2002 Marketing director at Invertix Corporation

2004–2012 Senior vice president of marketing and communications at Club Managers Association of America

2012– Senior vice president of marketing and business development at Sports and Fitness Industry Association

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