Social Media Roundup: Real-Time Analytics, in the Flesh

A SXSW event pumped up the crowd—literally—with the help of some digital wristbands. Also: an association CEO's best leadership advice.

We track data everywhere—on our websites, through audience feedback after an event, through surveys, and more.

But what about real-time data metrics during the event? Like, granular ones?

One mega-corporation actually did this during the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference last month, and it was pretty awesome. Read all about it in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Check the Pulse

SXSW is obviously one of the main hubs for innovation in events (even tangentially), and this year wasn’t any exception.

You can thank Pepsi for that. The soda giant had people wear digital wristbands at a music event. The devices—which tracked things such as temperature, audience movement, and sound levels—provided data that was then given to the event’s AV folks and DJ, who used the information to change up the lighting and sound in the room to boost its mood and energy level.

“The underlying goal is to provide deeper, more meaningful insights about what’s happening beyond someone with a clicker saying 1,000 people walked in,” Lightwave Founder and CEO Rana June, whose company handled the technology behind the event, told BizBash.

The wristbands can provide anonymous data, but Pepsi had the wearers register them beforehand and used their individual metrics as a basis to hand out awards to the guests. See, there’s plenty of room for analytics in live events! (ht @etouches)

Sound Advice

“I asked my older brother Ken how he got along with everyone at the New York bakery he helped manage. He told me that everyone cares deeply about their family. If you recognize this, he said, you can treat people as loving fathers, mothers, children, or grandchildren. Ask about their families, and they will see you as a caring person rather than just a boss. I tried it. It works.”

That’s some of the advice Gary Shapiro, CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association, has to share about how he deals with his employees. Pretty great, right? You should check out his other big piece of advice in his LinkedIn blog post. (ht @BearAnalytics)


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