Wednesday Buzz: The Secret Formula for Great Events

A PR specialist breaks down the essential elements of a perfect event. Also: modern ways to generate new membership leads.

Top-notch catering, a fancy venue, and a star guest speaker barely skim the surface of what goes into putting on a quality event.

It goes deeper than that: Regular tweeting, a series of concise (yet intriguing) emails, and a lot of data-gathering can help take your conference to the next level.

Public relations specialist Eva McKnight of Formstack explains why a standout event and a positive brand experience go hand in hand.

“When attendees associate your awesome event with your brand, you’ll be more likely to get the same people coming back to future events,” McKnight writes.

She shares an infographic outlining the steps that result in the perfect gathering. One key piece of advice: Tweeting shouldn’t stop just because everyone’s gone home.

“Continue to use your event hashtag after your big day,” she writes. “You’ll keep fresh conversation around your brand and maintain buzz for future events.”

Need New Leads?

Attracting new members isn’t easy, but a dynamic, responsive, and content-packed website is a great place to start, according to Silverbear’s Victoria Chapman. In a list of lead-generation techniques, Chapman notes a high-quality online presence is essential to drawing in potential members.

Don’t stop there, though: Social media, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and email marketing should come into play in a lead-generation strategy, she advises.

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By Alexis Williams

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