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Wednesday Buzz: The Tweet That Took 45 Days to Construct

There are types of social media that are foolproof, and then there are others that take a lot more expertise. Also: listings of the world's most powerful women across multiple industries.

There’s a method to the fast-paced, rapidly evolving madness of social media, and those who don’t spend all hours of the day glued to multiple feeds can learn from the dedicated individuals who do.

Business Insider recently checked out the inner workings of digital-design and advertising firm Huge to get insight into the aggressive fight to grab the attention of the world’s always-occupied eyeballs. And, as it discovered, there can be a wide gap between neophytes and pros.

“After all, the allure of social media is that it’s open to anyone who wants to participate,” reporter Aaron Taube writes. “How, then, does one differentiate between an expert and the more than 800 million amateurs who log in to Facebook each day?”

Sometimes, the key to social media success is a rapid response; at other times, it means bringing graphic designers and copy editors into the mix to craft a tweet such as the one for President Cheese below, which was worked on for weeks:

Though your association may not be in the habit of spending more than a month on a single tweet, attention to design and messaging can serve as a reminder that, given the conversational nature of social media, there often needs to be a conversation within your organization to properly plan outreach efforts.

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The most powerful women in the world, as ranked by Forbes, have been revealed. Leaders in business, entrepreneurship, tech, and entertainment are given particular attention. We’re rooting for an associations category next year.

The ever-shifting News Feed, the main venue through which friends and organizations interact with Facebook users, will undergo a slight revamp, placing less emphasis on automatic updates via third-party apps and more on content intentionally shared  from those apps. It could give a boost to associations looking for a spot in users’ increasingly crowded feeds.

Risk-taking isn’t the answer. Instead, follow the example of successful entrepreneurs and focus on minimizing the risks that stand in the way of your innovative efforts, declares in this article.

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