Monday Buzz: What’s a Webinar, and What Isn’t?

If your association is holding webinars and charging for them, should they be called webinars? Plus: why you really, really should be paying your interns.

The webinar is a valuable educational, communication, and promotional tool, but has the term “webinar” become an awkward one-size-fits-all title for any session your association holds online?

Jeff Cobb, cofounder of consulting firm Tagoras, offers a simple rule for webinars in this blog post: If you’re going to charge for it, don’t call it a webinar.

The rationale? The public’s concept of a webinar is predicated on openness and easy access.

“Call it an online short course. Or a virtual workshop. Or, best of all, don’t talk about the format at all other than to say that it is online,” Cobb writes, highlighting the Association for Talent Development’s refusal to mention “webinar” in its offerings. And the American Marketing Association calls what other organizations would label webinars “webcasts.”

Cobb’s recommendations come alongside a shift in webinar consumption. Mathew Sweezey, a marketing specialist at Pardot, a business-to-business marketing company, recently conducted an informal survey that discovered that only 16 percent of B2B consumers prefer to watch a webinar live. In a blog post at ClickZ, he lays out his findings, which echo those of other organizations that have seen attendance at live events declining. Sweezey gives suggestions on how to attract the majority of people who don’t watch your webinar as it’s happening.

With video content continuing to grow, why not keep in mind the audience who can’t attend live?

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