Social Media Roundup: The New Face of YouTube Messages

Communication within YouTube is about to get another makeover. Plus: How your association could fit into a Box.

It’s always a pain to discover you missed the announcement of a redesign for a platform you commonly use. So to ward off any confusion about the latest iteration of YouTube’s internal messaging, we have a handy primer ready in today’s Social Media Roundup.

Where’d the YouTube Inbox Go?


Those at associations capitalizing on YouTube may be more than a little confused to find that the site’s messaging features have been significantly shaken up. Owners of YouTube channels who have grown accustomed to the last changes to the site’s messaging will have to change things up once again with the introduction of Messages.

YouTube has been steadily revamping its commenting and messaging platforms, adding new moderation tools and integrating Google+ into comments. The backlash to the Google+ integration eventually forced YouTube to move comment notifications away from Google+ and into their own comments page.

Now channel owners’ private inboxes will be hit with their own changes. Inboxes will require a connection to Google+, the layout of the messages section has been altered, and YouTube will eventually clear out everyone’s inboxes.

Channel owners will want to download old messages and contacts before the contents of their inboxes are jettisoned.

Think Inside the Box

Earlier this month, cloud collaboration company Box announced its intention to provide eligible charitable nonprofits access to its collaborative suite. The Box suite is software that would well suit small associations whose members have be relying on numerous inconsistent platforms to access files, edit documents, and manage tasks.

Each participant in the program will get only 10 starter licenses, so it’s not a solution for large-scale operations.

For interested charitable organizations, Box’s eligibility standards are listed here. Applications for the Box Starter Kit can be filled out on the company’s site. (ht @SocialFish)


Morgan Little

By Morgan Little

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