How I Got Here: Lauren Hefner, CAE

By / Aug 1, 2014 (Handout photo)
To move up in this industry … you sometimes end up having to bounce around. I’ve left every job on a happy note, just moving on to an undeniably good opportunity.

Lauren Hefner, CAE, the director of member and volunteer care for the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, has experience as a camp counselor, but got her first taste of working for an association as a child.

Lauren Hefner, CAE, started her association career early—at 10—when she stuffed conference badges at the American Sociological Association, where her mom has spent her career. “I was a weird kid,” she says. “But I always knew I would be in this industry.” Here’s where her childhood ambition has taken her so far:

A Working History

1997–2005: Worked summers and as needed at the American Sociological Association

2000–2003: Worked on promotions team for six Clear Channel radio stations

2003–2004: Nanny and summer camp counselor

2006–2008: Membership marketing coordinator at National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors

2008–2010: Membership and credentialing manager at National Cancer Registrars Association

2010–2012: Director of membership, marketing, and communications at Laboratory Products Association

2012–2013: Director of communications and marketing at National Grocers Association

2013–: Director of member and volunteer care at Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association

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