Monday Buzz: Email Designs to Inspire You

An array of email designs that could give you ideas for your own marketing messages. Also: #ASAE14 attendees are taking a few small steps toward a big donation with the ASAE Foundation's Small Steps app.

Like marketing in general, email marketing is a science with a lot of art involved. (See my blog post from last week.)

Need some inspiration? You’ll find a ton of it at Really Good Emails, a roundup site sponsored by MailChimp that shows off examples that effectively convey information and help drive good messaging.

A few of our favorites: CrashPlan’s colorful email digest, Digg’s simple (but effective) digest, and Pinterest’s many onboarding emails.

Some of them are bold, but even the simpler ones succeed in doing one thing: keeping people interested in your product.

If you’re looking to rethink your email strategy, it could be a great place to borrow a few ideas.

Small Steps, Big Results

Conferences involve a lot of walking. A lot. Why not do something special with all those footsteps?

The ASAE Foundation’s Small Steps app turns exercise (or at the very least, fast walking from session to session at the ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition) into charity. Thanks to a promised donation from Choose Chicago, the foundation will receive $25 for every mile attendees walk with the app on.

So go for a run! Besides making you healthier, it’s for a good cause. (ht @jmhoehn and numerous other walkers)

Other good reads

Emails at work tend to break your flow. Don’t let them, writes Crew’s Andrea Ayres.

If you wish your networking were a little more like dating app Tinder, the app Weave might interest you.

Want to encourage engaged volunteers? Idea Architects’ Jeffrey Cufaude breaks down “10 crimes against increased volunteer engagement.”

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Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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