Thursday Buzz: Waste Time Without Wasting Your Time

Why "productive procrastination" could help you sort through a problem by removing it from direct view. Also: Twitter opens up its analytics.

Being lazy doesn’t necessarily mean being unproductive—as it turns out, there’s middle ground.

In a blog post on LifeHacker, Thorin Klosowski discusses the idea of “productive procrastination,” or ways to waste time without, well, completely wasting it.

“Distractions, side projects, and procrastination are all great for your general productivity, but you have to do it right,” he writes.

The downtime activity has to take your mind far away from the problem you’re actually trying to solve—the business challenge or leadership kerfuffle that’s  tough to deal with head-on.

Be sure to check out the comments on this one—Klosowski opened up the thread to reader feedback, and he offered some ideas of his own, like cooking, working on home finances, and spending time on a side project. Can you think of any of your own?

Check Your Analytics

As everyone knows, Twitter is a popularity contest.

So, how popular are you? Twitter is letting you know via its new Analytics dashboard, which is now open to every user who’s had an account for more than 14 days. Previously, the analytics platform was open only to advertisers and verified users. Check it out over this way.

Other good reads

The Non-fiction Producers Association, a trade group for reality TV producers that we highlighted when it launched in July, has nearly tripled its membership and is preparing for its first board meeting September 10.

Are you a Dropbox Pro user? If so, the company’s new security features should be welcome—as should the upgrade to 1 terabyte of space.

If you have a Hewlett-Packard computer, check your cable. The company is recalling 6 million of its power cords.


Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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