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Monday Buzz: Give Those After-Hours Events a Boost

If attendance at your evening events is lagging, try these tips to add some faces to the crowd. Plus: a month's worth of free webinars.

Evening events are a great opportunity for association members and other business leaders to meet and mingle. But what do you do if your once-booming events are growing smaller and smaller? Chamber consultant Christina Green, writing for Frank J. Kenny’s chamber development blog, has some quick fixes to bolster those thinning crowds.

The first step may be to dial back the number of events you’re hosting.

“If you have one every month, members promise themselves they’ll make the next one, and crowds will be thinner,” Green writes. “If you reduce the amount to every couple of months, it becomes a much bigger deal on your members’ calendars.”

And then there’s the importance of email notifications, even in the age of social media hype.

“Send out a ‘Looking forward to seeing you tonight’ email to all who are planning on attending,” Green advises. “Create a list of attendees, including names and business names, and share it with others. Not only will members want to be on that list, it allows people to see ahead of time who they want to network with.”

For more insights and recommendations, read Green’s full post here.

Slideshow of the Day

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