Social Media Roundup: The State of Crowdfunding, by the Numbers

Crowdfunding is here to stay. Here's a detailed look at the two biggest platforms. Plus: How to improve your daily Facebook experience.

Crowdfunding has emerged as a way to fund events and has become a huge boon to charitable nonprofits. But just how big has crowdfunding become, and how big could it get? Find out in today’s Social Media Roundup.

The Numbers Behind Crowdfunding

Think the world of crowdfunding is big? It’s only getting started. By the end of 2013, $1.17 billion had been raised through the trendy tactic. By 2015, that total could reach $4.35 billion, if estimates from Shopify and crowdfunding company HiveWire hold true.

The companies recently released an infographic on the scope and scale of the crowdfunding world, and the SocialTimes has a post recapping what it reveals. Kickstarter is still the dominant platform, with more than $1.2 billion pledged and a 43.4 percent success rate:


One of the big takeaways, notes SocialTimes writer Kimberlee Morrison, is that cultural projects have had the biggest success by far. “Theater, dance, music, and comics projects have a success rate of more than 40 percent. Small-business campaigns had the lowest success rate; only 3.1 percent of 20,000 campaigns were successfully funded on Indiegogo,” she writes.

For the full infographic, click here. (ht @SocialTimes)

Tightening Your Facebook Feed

Is your Facebook feed overgrown with unimportant or uninteresting information, preventing you from seeing updates about friends, family, and, most important, associations?

Hootsuite Editorial Manager David Godsall had exactly that problem and has been striving for weeks to find a solution.

“After years of neglecting my news feed, using Facebook only for basic messaging and events, it wasn’t part of my daily content consumption routine,” he writes in a blog post. “As I discovered, persistence is the key to shaping your feed.”

Godsall tried several methods to encourage more relevant content to emerge on his news feed. His post provides the details, along with and plenty of insights about how Facebook’s social graph and interest graph mold your experience on the social network. (ht @hootsuite)


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By Morgan Little

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