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Four new ASAE offerings to inform your work.

Four new ASAE offerings to inform your work.

In her new book, Knowing Y: Engage the Next Generation Now, author Sarah Sladek makes a business case for satisfying the preferences and addressing the influences of a single demographic: the millennial generation. At 80 million, so-called generation Y is the largest generation since the baby boomers—and the one that will constitute the majority of the workforce in 2015, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That’s the largest shift in human capital in history. Next year.

Sladek, author of the 2011 ASAE Association Management Press bestseller The End of Membership As We Know It, calls members of this emerging force in the workplace “settlers of the New World,” whose world view is shaped by five economies—the sharing, gig, knowledge, experience, and impact economies—that are spurring unprecedented change.

In Knowing Y, Sladek describes how these economies have shaped this generation’s opinions, values, behaviors, and preferences. But the book’s greater value is that it is not about “how to deal with these kids these days.” Neither is it a book solely about enticing them to join. Rather, Knowing Y is an appealing journey, replete with case examples, into how to realize the opportunities of talent, volunteerism, and affiliation that 80 million people hold. (160 pages, $22.95/members, $28.95/nonmembers)

Also new in 2014

Association Investment Policies, Practices, and Performance. An ASAE Foundation benchmarking study of more than 500 associations, with expert financial advisor analysis of the data, provides insight into governance of investment policies, investment strategies and vehicles, asset allocation, and more. (PDF download, 29 pages, $24.95/members, $29.95/nonmembers)

Legal Duties for Directors: An Association Board Member’s Guide to Avoiding Risk While Advancing the Mission. By Association Law Handbook author and attorney Jerald A. Jacobs, this slim volume quickly orients your board members to their fundamental legal obligations and key areas of risk, including antitrust, tax-exemption requirements, and others. (64 pages, $12.95/members, $16.95/nonmembers)

Association Compensation Interactive, 2014. This online tool leverages ASAE’s 2014–2015 association compensation and benefits study data. Information on 70-plus positions can be custom-filtered to benchmark by organization type, budget size, geographic scope, industry, and other criteria. Purchasers of the tool also gain electronic access to the 2014–2015 Association Compensation and Benefits Study and the 2014–2015 Greater Washington Association Compensation and Benefits Study, otherwise available for purchase separately in hard copy. (Association Compensation Interactive, $400/members, $550/nonmembers; Association Compensation and Benefits Study, $220/members, $350/nonmembers; Greater Washington Association Compensation and Benefits Study, $220/members, $350/nonmembers)

Sarah Sladek's "Knowing Y."

Keith Skillman, CAE

By Keith Skillman, CAE

Keith Skillman, CAE, is vice president, publications, for ASAE. Email: MORE

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