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Monday Buzz: How to Benefit From the Government’s Green Initiatives

The federal government's renewed focus on environmental issues presents associations with a huge opportunity—if they can seize the day. Plus: How to understand social media analytics.

Environmental issues may be debated endlessly in local communities and the halls of Congress, but government spending makes one thing clear: The feds are going green.

The U.S. General Services Administration, for example, has an extensive sustainability plan, and the Pentagon is investing billions in green energy initiatives.

The question is: How can your organization benefit as the government sharpens its focus on the green economy? Plexus Consulting Group’s Nancy Najarian has more than a few tips:

“Begin brainstorming as to how your company, association, or individual expertise can be applied to a government contracting company that needs to branch out into this area,” she writes.

“Investigate online the building associations, both national and local, that are offering green certification programs. These programs train individuals in methods, materials, and designs for creating energy savings, using energy efficient practices, and incorporating renewable energy technology into residential and commercial facilities,” she says.

For more of Najarian’s advice, read her blog post: “Green—Is It in Your Business or Career Plan?”

Deck of the Day

Do you find yourself getting confused by the flurry of metrics tied to your social media profiles? If so, then digital communication expert Maggie McGary’s presentation “Making Sense of Social Media Analytics,” available via SocialFish, was made for you.

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