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Social Media Roundup: One of TED’s Best Advises Your Public Speaking

One of the most popular TED Talk presenters of all time shares some public-speaking secrets. Plus: The keys to leveling up your conference signage.

Public speaking comes easier to some of us than others, but regardless of your comfort addressing crowds, it’s likely you’ll face the challenge of addressing a large group at some point.

How can you avoid the pre-speech jitters? By exploring some tips from a speaking pro in today’s Social Media Roundup.

How to Avoid Public-Speaking Disasters

Simon Sinek, leadership expert and author, admits that he leans closer to being an introvert. And yet, with just two talks under his belt, he’s the third-most-watched TED Talk presenter ever. His two discussions, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” and “Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe,” have been viewed nearly 22 million times.

Entrepreneur magazine reporter Kim Lachance Shandrow recently sat down with Sinek for an interview full of insights for any leaders out there looking for tips to bolster their own public speaking.

The test of whether you’re an effective speaker, Sinek says, begins from the very moment you step in front of your audience.

“A lot of people start talking right away, and it’s out of nerves. That communicates a little bit of insecurity and fear,” he told Shandrow. He recommends that speakers instead pause and take a few moments for themselves before speaking, to project confidence.

And if your nerves continue to get the best of you, Sinek advises that you try to keep the pace slow and to speak slowly.

“They want you to succeed up there, but the more you rush, the more you turn them off,” he observes. “If you just go quiet for a moment and take a long, deep breath, they’ll wait for you. It’s kind of amazing.”

For the full interview, click here. (ht @kecatlin)

Step Up Your Signage

In an era of ubiquitous screens, QR codes, and Twitter walls, the signage at your conferences and events has more competition than ever. So it’s that much more important to ensure that your signs keep up with the times and aren’t lost amid the rest of your events’ visual clutter.

BizBash writer Martha C. White talked with several event professionals to get the inside scoop on how organizations are improving their signs and displays.

“A wall of LED panels can deliver a great visual statement, but it’s a significant investment, so you don’t want attendees to tune out,” White writes.

To ensure your panels don’t prompt boredom, Merryl Brown Events President Merryl Brown recommends you mix up the scroll of donors and sponsors with photo montages, quotes, videos, and other stimulating, shifting imagery.

And that’s just one tip. For the rest, peruse White’s article here. (ht @BizBash)


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