Thursday Buzz: Extreme Makeover, Nonprofit Edition

A Florida nonprofit receives $100,000 in free marketing help, and looks all the snazzier for it. Also: A tool that can help you choose the right words.

Chain Reaction, a nonprofit based in Pensacola, Florida, is seeing a chain reaction of its own, in the form of some major marketing help.

The group, which focuses on boosting outcomes and confidence in teenagers, was the recipient of $100,000 in marketing services from idgroup after winning the local marketing firm’s annual Brand On Us contest. Among other things, Chain Reaction received:

  • a website and logo redesign
  • free advertising from local television and radio stations, newspapers, and billboards
  • strategy help that allowed the firm to boost its awareness and messaging

“Instead of worrying about a website, I can focus on helping kids,” Kristin Fairchild, founder and executive director of Chain Reaction, told the Pensacola News Journal. Fairchild suggested that membership in the group would triple, thanks to the extra marketing.

Other nonprofits looking for similar help are in the running for idgroup’s 2015 contest. Interested parties can vote through this Survey Monkey page.

The Right Words Matter

Screenshot 2014-11-13 12.07.37

According to a new online tool, we should stop using the word “donate” in nonprofit marketing pitches. The reason? Too many other organizations are using it. “Bestow” might be a slightly better bet.

Such is the take of  The Wordifier, a new Claxon Marketing online app that lets you know how often words show up in nonprofit marketing communications.

“It’s pretty simple. You just enter a word into The Wordifier and it immediately lets you know whether you should stop using the word, proceed with caution or go for it,” explains Kristina Leroux at Kivi’s Nonprofit Marketing Blog. “It also tells you the definition of the word, a breakdown of nonprofits who use that word, and a list of synonyms.”

The result is that you get a wider picture of what’s fresh and what isn’t in the world of nonprofit marketing—and as a result, your message may stand out a little better.

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Chain Reaction's redesigned website. (Screenshot)

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