Associations Aren’t Putting Any Spin on the Dangers of Laundry Pods

The American Cleaning Institute and the Coin Laundry Association are partnering to help educate laundromat users about how liquid laundry packets can harm kids.

Although they may be a convenience, liquid laundry packets, also known as pods, can pose a serious danger to kids.

The American Cleaning Institute (ACI)—sponsor of a national public awareness campaign to educate consumers about the potential hazard of the pods, which hit store shelves in 2012—is trying to broaden awareness of the issue among Laundromat customers via a new partnership with the  Coin Laundry Association (CLA).

“New products are made available to consumers every day, and they often engage in use of these products without knowing what the associated risks are if not properly stored, used, and handled,” ACI said in a statement. “This is particularly true for liquid laundry packets … . Millions of consumers have found these packets to be an easy and convenient way to do laundry. However, if not properly stored, liquid laundry packets can cause serious harm if accidentally ingested or exposed to the eyes.”

Liquid laundry packets were the focus of a recent American Academy of Pediatrics study that found 17,230 children were exposed to the pods between 2012 and 2013, leading to more than 750 hospitalizations and at least one death.

“Because children may be enticed by the colorful, candy-like appearance of detergent pods, the study authors conclude that a national safety standard is needed to improve product packaging and labeling,” AAP said in a news release.

Together, ACI and CLA will provide consumers with information on how to safely store the laundry packets and their containers on CLA websites, in the association’s magazine, PlanetLaundry, and with signage in CLA member Laundromats.

“We feel we can be of great service in sharing this information on safe laundry habits with Laundromat owners and our members,” Brian Wallace, CLA president and CEO, said in a statement. “We believe in ACI’s message and are happy to help spread awareness around this important issue.”

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Katie Bascuas

By Katie Bascuas

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