Game On: New Office Space Reflects Pride in Casino Industry

When it moved into its new offices earlier this year, the American Gaming Association ensured that the space properly reflected the industry it represents. While the design is fun and appealing, it also helps AGA tell a better story.

In just two months, 2015 has proven to be a transformational year for the American Gaming Association. Since late December, AGA has expanded its membership, published first-of-its-kind anti-money laundering best practices, and made its first estimate on illegal Super Bowl betting.

We’re proud of the many benefits that the gaming industry provides and we look forward to using this space to share that message with leaders in Washington.

The changes trickle down to the association’s office space as well. At the start of the year, AGA moved into a new office building. This week, the group plans to host an open house to show how the space is designed to reflect the industry it represents.

“The new space demonstrates our pride in the industry,” said Christopher Moyer, director of communications at AGA. “The gaming industry is a vibrant, appealing, fun industry, and partly through this office space, we’re capitalizing on that.”

AGA decked the new office out with a sports ticker that displays live game spreads, a large poker table, slot machines, and other elements of the casino and gaming industry. (Yes, the slots work. No, they will not accept or dispense actual money.)

“The open house provides a unique opportunity to celebrate the industry with media, with members of Congress, and other opinion leaders,” Moyer said. “We’re proud of the many benefits that the gaming industry provides and we look forward to using this space to share that message with leaders in Washington.”

The group isn’t done adding elements to the space, either. “We have more artwork coming in that will be representative of not just Las Vegas, but the industry around the country—we’re an industry that operates in 40 states around the country—so we have more of that coming in,” he said.

Designing an office space that represents the industry has a number of benefits for an association, Moyer said. It gives visitors, both members and nonmembers alike, an opportunity to learn more about the industry, and it reflects well on the organization. “You want to leave people with a good impression of the industry, and you want them to understand the industry. That’s what we feel like we’ve accomplished with our new office space.”

It also helps when the industry you represent is known for being pretty flashy.

“We are fortunate that we have a very energetic and lively industry,” Moyer said. “It’s a top-notch experience when you go to a casino, and we wanted to take some elements of that and incorporate it into our office. Many people probably know what it’s like in a casino, but we really felt that we should reflect that experience where we work.”

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Rob Stott

By Rob Stott

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