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Wednesday Buzz: Tips to Power Your Next Green Events

Use these tips to ensure your green energy initiatives don't wither away. Plus: An upcoming webinar focuses on growing event attendance.

When planning an event, there’s a big difference between thinking about going green and actually executing on those thoughts. With that hurdle in mind, sustainability specialist Shawna McKinley wrote this handy post for Event Manager Blog, in which she offers up green ideas that can fuel legitimate sustainability.

McKinley lists five possible energy-conscious goals your meeting planners can keep in mind as they evaluate green solutions. The goals, in McKinley’s own words:

  • Reduction: in energy use, carbon emissions, and cost
  • Efficiency: by preventing wasted energy and cost
  • Innovation: in showcasing unique energy solutions that can enhance the event experience and leave a legacy
  • Engagement: of attendees in adopting green energy choices
  • Accountability: for those energy-related impacts we can’t avoid through offsetting.

Want some additional practical ideas? McKinley has you covered, from portable generators to the definition of hybrid events. More interested in “experiential ideas?” She tackles those as well, with three attendee-centric ideas.

“With the world focused on energy security, event-owners have a role to play in understanding event energy, their event’s energy footprint and how it might be reduced and made more efficient,” McKinley concludes. For her full, extensive post, click here.

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