Tuesday Buzz: ASAE Takes Great Ideas to Hong Kong

The first-ever Asia-Pacific edition of the Great Ideas Conference tapped the creative energy of associations on the other side of the world. Read on for some highlights. Also: the pitfalls of not owning your domain names online.

As you probably already know, great ideas have great reach.

So, too, does ASAE’s Great Ideas conference. Two weeks after the hallmark annual event wrapped up in Orlando, the conference got a second wind halfway around the world. The first Great Ideas Asia-Pacific Conference, which took place in Hong Kong this week, brought fascinating insights—and some of the association world’s smartest minds—to the region.

The event drew association pros from around the world, including executives from throughout the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. Many of the attendees came from Hong Kong, China, Korea, and Australia.

The 175 attendees—two-thirds of whom were association execs—generally focused on executive management and administration issues. For half of the attendees, it was their first ASAE event ever.

For those traveling long distances, there were opportunities to recover from jet lag—such as drinking Turkish coffee, which was on the menu on Tuesday.

And, of course, there was some local culture on display during the event.

Did you make it to Hong Kong? If so, what was your favorite part of the Great Ideas Asia-Pacific Conference?

Why You Should Own Your Domain Names

You might have heard yesterday that Ted Cruz is running for president—the first big name to officially throw his hat into the ring.

Whether you’re fan or foe, finding info about Cruz’s presidential campaign may be difficult. It turns out he doesn’t own a couple of web domains that you’d assume were his. One domain,, features content supporting President Obama and  immigration reform, while another,, is a redirect to Healthcare.Gov. Cruz had to put his web presence on a less-appetizing dot-org domain.

Domains can get expensive, but when your brand is everything, not owning the ones specifically relevant to your interests can prove damaging.

The lesson? Be less like Ted Cruz and more like Taylor Swift, who has been purchasing domain names that could hurt her reputation if they were in the wrong hands.

Other Links of Note

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To get members to vote in your board election, make sure that they’re getting reminders, notes Votenet’s Jenn Barton.

We’ve reached the Sweet 16 in the NCAA tournament, which means that now’s a good time to think about lists of 16 things. MemberClicks’ Callie Walker has a great one about things that are killing your member engagement.

Welcoming attendees: Anthony Lau, Hong Kong Tourism Board; ASAE Board Chair Susan K. Neely, CAE; and ASAE CEO John H. Graham IV, FASAE, CAE. (ASAE photo)

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By Ernie Smith

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