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Business Travel Group to Host First-Ever Media Day for Members

In a new event at the Global Business Travel Association’s annual meeting, travel companies will get to step into the spotlight and make breaking-news announcements to reporters.

An annual conference is often an occasion for an organization to make a major announcement about a new product, initiative, or other newsworthy subject. And while the Global Business Travel Association will make some news of its own at its July convention, GBTA will share the spotlight with its members and other exhibitors.

Hosting this event gives our members a platform to reach trade and mainstream media without having to take on the outreach on their own.

The association announced last week that it will host its first-ever Media Day at GBTA Convention 2015, featuring back-to-back news announcements from travel companies throughout the morning.

“We are excited to be able to offer media an exclusive pass to the latest industry news,” GBTA Executive Director and COO Michael W. McCormick said in a statement. “Business travel is vital to the health of our economy, and these announcements will set the stage for our industry during the remainder of 2015 and as we head into 2016.”

GBTA will open the doors to its press conference room on Media Day and give travel companies 15-minute time slots where they can share breaking news and important industry updates to registered media attendees.

“Hosting this event gives our members a platform to reach trade and mainstream media without having to take on the outreach on their own,” McCormick said in an email to Associations Now. “Last year, GBTA Convention 2014 hosted a record number of journalists, and [we] expect that number to continue to grow. We want our members to be able to take advantage of having all of these reporters in one place at one time and make it as easy as possible for them to get the word out about what’s next in business travel.”

On top of giving members a platform to make important announcements, Media Day provides GBTA with an additional opportunity to engage with members and boost the business travel industry, said McCormick.

To ensure the event is a success, GBTA is focused on two things.

“First, we want exhibitors to know they have this great, new opportunity to share their news,” McCormick said. “And second, we want media to know they can receive exclusive access to breaking industry news all in one place from top travel companies around the world. It is a win-win for everyone involved.”

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