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Friday Buzz: The Great Airplane Seating Debate

Is this redesigned airline-seating plan right for you? Plus: the Lego Group's secrets of brand rebuilding.

If Acro Aircraft Seating gets its way, your next business trip could feature an entirely new seating arrangement.

As described by Quartz deputy news editor Roya Wolverson, “The plan would raise up the three seats near the window on each side of the plane by a few inches, which in some convoluted manner frees up enough room for a fifth seat in the middle section of the plane.”

Wolverson’s post calls the seat redesign “terrible” and “claustrophobic.” But opinion notwithstanding, where do the new seats fit into the market? Skift writer Marisa Garcia offers a view of the landscape:

“Many budget-conscious airlines are currently only flying one-class configurations on medium-haul flights, with crowded economy seats. Some offer a ‘premium’ seating option that is little more than the same economy seat with more legroom.”

The intention is for Acro to provide a third option for airlines. If you’re a frequent traveler, it may be worth keeping an eye on the planes that would be outfitted with these new seats.

So take a look at a press photo below, made available by Airbus, and judge the seats for yourself.


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