Website Spring Cleaning

Wednesday Buzz: Why Your Website Needs Spring Cleaning

It's prime time to give your website the sprucing up it deserves, and these tips can help. Plus: an Instagram strategy that enters "meatspace."

You’ve read our “spring cleaning” tips on how to freshen up your membership efforts and discovered that you need to refresh your website to make it more mobile-friendly ASAP.

So while you’re still in the mood to do some high-tech sprucing up, check out website-design expert Vanguard Technology, which has seven tips for cleaning up your association’s site.

“Take a fresh look at your homepage, figure out what isn’t necessary for that first impression, and remove it,” client strategist Ray van Hilst recommends. “What’s the most important thing for your members to know? What is just taking up space and can be removed? Your website will sparkle with a fresh first impression.”

And to get even more technical, Vanguard content specialist Pramila Devadas advises setting aside some time to revisit your site’s taxonomy “and make sure your categories are both still relevant, up-to-date, and being properly used.”

“Are there new terms or subject areas that your association covers? Are there new keywords or buzzwords you can tag your content to increase its visibility and make your site more authoritative? Look to add or remove categories,” she says.

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