Data Nugget: How Millennials Want to Do Business

A new survey shows millennials' preferences for B2B interactions differ in some key ways from organizations' current practices.

In a survey of executives responsible for business-to-business purchasing decisions, millennials showed clear preferences for researching and engaging with vendors that differed from their organizations’ current practices. Association membership recruiters and industry suppliers, take note.

Millennials: How does your organization engage with vendors during the sales cycle currently, and how would you prefer to engage with vendors?

Face-to-face meetings

Current: 69 percent
Would Prefer: 24 percent


Current: 37 percent
Would Prefer: 69 percent


Current: 22 percent
Would Prefer: 62%

Social Media

Current: 21 percent
Would Prefer: 19 percent

Live/video chat

Current: 20 percent
Would Prefer: 21 percent

Text message and other IM

Current: 18 percent
Would Prefer: 24 percent

Source:To Buy or Not to Buy? How Millennials Are Reshaping B2B Marketing,” IBM Institute for Business Value, 2015


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