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Friday Buzz: An Association Pro Evaluates Periscope

A communications expert weighs in on a possible problem with live streaming at association events. Plus: Who remembers hit counters?

This week, we wrote about some of the goings-on during the Association Media & Publishing Annual Meeting and highlighted experiments with Twitter’s live-streaming platform, Periscope.

Communications pro Maggie McGary, who was one of those experimenters, recaps her experiences using Periscope in a blog post and discusses what its implications are for associations.

“Heads up, event planners—you need to start incorporating this into your exhibitor offerings!” she declares.

But as excited as McGary is about the potential of live streaming, she highlights a big issue that will have to be worked out: “[A]ssociations themselves may decide it’s cool to live-stream events but may not think it’s so cool if attendees stream, record, and distribute that same content to the world for free.”

And, as McGary admits, these tools may end up being annoyances for some organizations.

“I know from past experience that it was hard enough to keep attendees from recording video or taking photos of speakers who insisted that no video or photos be allowed; I can only imagine the fun trying to also monitor Meerkat, Periscope, Twitter, YouTube, and other channels for livestreams and/or recorded livestreams of those events,” she writes.

But that doesn’t mean your association can’t give Periscope or Meerkat a try!

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