One-Hour Problem Solving

Idea Bank: One-Hour Problem Solving

Unique meeting session promised to solve real issues faced by members.

What’s the great idea? The 60-Minute Solution breakout session

Who’s doing it? CoreNet Global

What’s involved? The goal of the session was to help members attending CoreNet Global’s Summit solve specific problems through collaboration.

“We crowdsourced the issues by encouraging participation in a one-question survey done in advance of the summit,” says Becky Binder, senior director of content development at CoreNet Global. “From there, we were able to develop five table topics for discussion during the live sessions.”

Session facilitators guided discussions as participants followed a detailed schedule, called the Collaboration Roadmap, to work toward concrete solutions to their challenges. At the end of the hour, each group reported back on the solutions they developed and discussed the process they went through.

What are people saying? “This was one of the better-rated sessions at the summit,” Binder says. “Members enjoyed the participative format, the opportunity to hear how others have similar problems, and the reality that they were able to walk away with actionable ideas that they can take back to the office.”


Rob Stott

By Rob Stott

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