Tuesday Buzz: One Session, Many Approaches

How many kinds of learning can you fit into an hour? The answer, according to Marketing, Membership & Communications Conference presenter Jeffrey Cufaude, is more than you think. Also: Fretting over an event? Learn a few things from Home Alone. Really.

On Monday, Idea Architects Principal Jeffrey Cufaude brought his big ideas to ASAE’s Marketing, Membership & Communications Conference. These included a lot of smart insights on member engagement.

And now that he’s done with his presentation, he has some thoughts on how it went. His session featured a mix of standard presenting, direct audience engagement, and learning-lab-based approaches—something he described to his audience as a stream of appetizers.

While he encouraged people to work together, he didn’t force them to if they felt more comfortable working solo.

In the end, it was a lot of different stuff, but it all hung together without a lot of extra clutter.

“I hope the participants experienced the session as focused, hands-on, and fast-paced—but not rushed—as that’s what all my design planning and prep was intended to create,” he explained in a blog post on his firm’s site. “While I’d much rather have done this session in a 75- or 90-minute time block, I feel good about what we were able to do in only 60.”

Home Alone Advice

Ahhhh!!!! Perhaps the most clever blog post we’ve seen in a while comes from MemberClicks’ Callie Walker, who ties event planning to many people’s favorite movie ever, Home Alone.

“Kevin McCallister never panicked when Harry and Marv broke into his house,” she writes. “He had a plan—and a backup plan at that. When a fire arises, stay calm, remember your plan, and make rational decisions.”

Be sure to read on for a good giggle. (ht @memberclicks)

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