North American Reciprocal Museum Association

Best Benefit Ever: Expanding Free Admission to Hundreds of Museums

The North American Reciprocal Museum Association adds another institution to the fold, giving a new batch of museumgoers free access to a multitude of exhibits.

What’s the benefit? If you’re currently a member of a museum, you may want to find out whether you’re also able to reap the benefits of the North American Reciprocal Museum Association [NARM]. More than 750 institutions nationwide are members of the association, focusing on everything from art and history to science and culture. The expanding list of members now includes the Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife Preserve, in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Woolaroc recently announced its partnership with NARM, which grants its own members free access to that huge pool of NARM-member institutions. Basically, as one would expect from a “reciprocal museum association,” Woolaroc members can explore a whole new world of museums for free, and NARM members can see what Woolaroc has on display. For the full list of NARM institutions, and to see whether you are already eligibile to benefit from its programs, click here [PDF].

Why it works for members: If there’s one thing museum aficionados are bound to enjoy, it’s a greater number of institutions to explore. And for Woolaroc members, the NARM partnership makes for an excellent addition to their existing membership. “While most members primarily want to support Woolaroc and the work we are doing, it is still nice to be able to extend our own ‘thank you’ to our members,” Woolaroc Membership Director Jan Tucker said in a statement. All Woolaroc members have to do is place a NARM sticker on their membership card, and the benefit is in place.

Other perks: Along with free admission to NARM museums, individual members can receive discounts at museum stores and on concerts and lectures at participating institutions. And for those preexisting Woolaroc members, there are a slew of member-exclusive events throughout the year in addition to that aforementioned free admission.

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By Morgan Little

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