Friday Buzz: Better, Faster, Stronger Content

A group of association and nonprofit content experts weigh in on the secrets of success. Plus: How to calm those freelancing nerves.

Last week, we talked about the possibility that content was not the most important element of your marketing efforts. But even if that’s true, each and every association has a dire need for high-quality content that actually reaches its target audiences.

Connectivity contributor John Haughey talked to a number of association communications experts to get their perspectives on content creation, production, and delivery.

For many, the central pillar of good association content is its usefulness to members and its ability to inspire action.

“The first thing to understand is your members and their perspectives. Do you understand what their goals and objectives are?” Patrick L. Burns, founder and president of Arc 3 Communications, said.

“Does your content drive inquiries and leads so (members) can take action?” interlinkONE CEO/MO John Foley asked.

And to inspire that action, Foley emphasized the importance of exclusive, enticing content.

“Make sure it solves a problem, discusses a hot topic, has calls-to-action, provides information you can get nowhere else,” he said.

For the full series of interviews, head to Haughey’s post.

Tool of the Day


With testing now complete, Facebook has rolled out its new Security Checkup tool to give more complete security options to individual users, and to those who happen to have a bunch of their association’s Facebook pages tied to their account. Check out the full rundown from Facebook product manager Melissa Luu-Van.

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