Quiz: Which of These Associations Are Real?

There are a ton of nonprofits, and some of them have surprising backstories. Can you suss out your made-up associations from your real ones?

Here at Associations Now, we cover the gamut of associations, and once you get beyond the usual suspects, like the American Bar Association and the National Retail Federation, they often go in directions you’d never expect.

Far be it from us to judge. Different strokes for different associations, we say! Not all ways of life have associations, but plenty do: From the International Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators Association to the Hemp Industries Association, you might be surprised by what’s out there.

Can you figure out which of these associations are real? Take our quiz below, see how you fare, and share your score to find out how your association know-how stacks up against the competition!

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Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

Ernie Smith is a former senior editor for Associations Now. MORE

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