Wednesday Buzz: What If Content Isn’t King?

A marketing pro tries to pop the content bubble and offers an alternative means to boost your efforts. Plus: Say hello to the double opt-in introduction.

Ken Honeywell, president and creative director at Well Done Marketing, really wants to depose content. In a post on the company’s blog, he condemns the oft-repeated phrase “Content is king” and offers an alternative to gain your allegiance.

As he admits, the logic behind the content spree was sound: “Everybody’s on the Internet all the time. You really want prospects to come to your website. Great content that speaks to their needs is the best way to get them there.”

But the crux of Honeywell’s argument for content regicide is that while content may be everywhere, it’s not the most important part of an outreach strategy, let alone the “king” of the marketing process.

Instead, Honeywell contends that “the idea is still king.”

“The great idea. The bold idea. The funny, shocking, inspiring, attention-getting, amazing idea is king,” he writes.

So the next time your association revs up a fundraising drive or wants to generate more awareness, perhaps spend more time thinking about central, compelling concepts, and less time thinking about content assembly lines.

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