Wednesday Buzz: On Instagram, Be More Than a Snapshot

More organizations are joining Instagram, but what does it take to become a photo-sharing powerhouse? Plus: How to make videos without breaking the budget.

As many associations have realized, the desire for breathtaking visuals has taken off in recent years, thanks in part to photo-driven social apps like Instagram.

And plenty of organizations have recognized Instagram’s growing importance and jumped on the photo-sharing bandwagon in order to create a closer connection to their communities. But how can your association stand out in the increasingly vast Instagram universe?

Hootsuite’s senior enterprise copywriter James Mulvey recently learned about one way in an interview with freelance graphic designer and Instagramer Emanuel Smedbøl. In the Q&A, Smedbøl explains that success on Instagram isn’t just about taking a good photo—it’s about the emotion behind it.

“I think brands need to be more casual about it,” Smedbol explained. “There’s nothing wrong with featuring your products, but give them a nice little scene to live in.”

Expert Event of the Day

A high-quality video can work wonders for your association, but how do you create one without breaking the bank? Association Media & Publishing is hosting an event Tuesday, August 18, to show you how to make an engaging video on a budget.

Attendees will learn about best practices for affordable production from Patrick Mirza, an award-winning multimedia producer and magazine editor; Brandon Ross, the multimedia and social media manager for the Military Officers Association of America; and Joe Vallina, a publishing management expert and the treasurer of the AM&P Board of Directors. More details about the event are available here.

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