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Wednesday Buzz: When Organizations Weigh In on Social Issues

An excellent look into why companies and trade groups are more comfortable talking about social issues. Plus: How to turn volunteering into something more.

Last week’s Supreme Court decision upholding the right of same-sex couples to marry was a landmark victory for activists and advocacy organizations, such as Freedom to Marry, that have worked tirelessly for decades.

But beyond the courts and the protests, there were other influencers at play. Newsweek Political Writer Emily Cadei takes a look at another side of the story: the role of businesses and associations. Starting with November 2011, when 70 organizations joined a legal brief to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act, Cadei traces the growing support of big business and professional organizations for the gay-rights movement.

“‘Inclusiveness’ may not be good politics in this day of polarization and micro-targeting, but it seems to be good business,” Cadei writes. “And that is making the business community the sort of ‘big tent’ political force that neither major political party can claim to be.”

And this trend goes beyond the gay rights movement. Cadei cites other recent examples, from the widespread abandonment of the Confederate Flag following the Charleston church murders to the condemnation of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

“This is a significant shift for major companies, who used to duck for cover whenever these kinds of controversies kicked up,” she writes.

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Think volunteering can’t lead to bigger and brighter things? MovingWorlds Cofounder Mark Horoszowski sought to “explore the theory that volunteering can help people get their dream job in any sector: public, private, or non-profit.” He presents that pathway in a contributor piece on Huffington Post.

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