Anna Desai

Executive Summary: Anna Desai

Anna Desai, MHA, CAE, the manager of profession governance at the American Health Information Management Association in Chicago, is careful not to believe her own hype.

The best advice I ever got

Never believe in your own press clippings, and never forget where you came from.

My three goals for 2015

  1. Make time for meditation.
  2. Join my husband in a 5K.
  3. Live more optimally and optimistically.

My media mix

Magazines: Associations Now (of course!), Forum, Healthcare Executive, Modern Healthcare, Fast Company, Inc., InStyle, Parents

TV: Modern Family, Empire, Shark Tank, 60 Minutes

Books: I’m currently reading A Philosopher’s Notes by Brian Johnson. I’m a spirit junkie!

Who I’m following on Twitter

@modrnhealthcr, @advisory_int, @daily_briefing, @EricTopol, @inc

What I do when I’m not at work

Chase my energetic two-year-old around. Cook, constantly clean, and enjoy any free moment I have for a date night with my husband. Chicago is such a great food city!

My favorite blogs

Health Affairs for my work, Cricket’s Circle for parenting tips and humor

On my desk right now

2014–2017 AHIMA strategic plan, copies of PowerPoint slides to review, stack of healthcare articles to read, pictures of my family

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