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Friday Buzz: Brewing Good Business, Together

Despite being a part of a rapidly growing, competitive industry, brewers have learned to appreciate the value of cooperation. Plus: What's in store for Food Safety Awareness Month!

When Half Moon Bay Brewing Company Founder Lenny Mendonca used a name for his beer that was already owned, he was sure that a formal letter he received would mark the start of a long legal process. What he got instead was a personal message from the owner of the other brewery asking him to switch the name and wishing him luck in the business.

It turns out that this community spirit is not uncommon in the booming craft beer market, where the secret to success in the industry may be to not have any secrets.

Entrepreneur contributor Corie Brown explores the benefits that come from such openness between competitors and how other groups can learn from the trade.

Bob Sutton, a management science and engineering professor at Stanford University, told Brown the reason this model works so well for breweries is because of their need to unify against larger companies.

“A segment needs to share knowledge to legitimize itself and increase sales in a battle against a common enemy,” Sutton said. “With a named enemy, an industry segment becomes a social movement.”

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