Making Videos: In-House Studio Basics

The tools you'll need to start building videos at your association.

Associations certainly don’t need to hire a full-time videographer to make quality video, but professional expertise will likely become necessary at some point.

The tools you’ll need to start building videos at your association.

Creating an in-house video studio is an investment, but one that will likely last for years. And it doesn’t have to break the bank. For $10,000, the California District Attorneys ­Association turned an office storage room into its studio by painting one wall green (for a green screen) and installing lights, a soundboard, and a computer.

According to Personify Vice President of Marketing Paul Gannon, who heads the company’s weekly video show, here’s what you’ll need to build a basic studio that can produce broadcast-quality video (all prices are approximate).—G.B.

Video Switcher or Mixer ($5,000): A switcher allows you to move between different cameras, titles, graphics, and video clips. With a switcher you can record your show or stream it live on the internet.

Cameras ($1,500 each): Multiple camera angles are probably the best way to improve the visual quality of your broadcast or recording. Start with two cameras and work your way up.

Microphones ($100–$350 each) Each person appearing in a video segment will need a microphone. Wired, handheld microphones can be purchased for less than $100, but a wireless lavaliere microphone is a good investment.

Lights ($200 each): Plan on purchasing an LED key light and a fill light.

Audio Mixer ($100): You’ll need to mix your different audio feeds in the audio mixer before sending it to the video mixer.

Accessories ($500–$1,000): You’ll need a tripod for each camera, a stand for each light, and a handful of different cords and other accessories.

Video Hosting ($200 per year): YouTube is free, but a video-hosting platform, such as Vimeo, provides better integration with your website and allows you to reap the benefits of improved SEO.


Gayle Bennett

By Gayle Bennett

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