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Monday Buzz: A Few Tips for Volunteer Managers

Sure, you can keep tabs on employees, but what about volunteers? Read on to discover how to successfully manage volunteers. Plus: the secrets of airplane seating.

Volunteers are a valuable resource for your association, and their contributions can be most effective with proper guidance from staff. In a new post on the VolunteerMatch blog, Emma Bennett, volunteer coordinator at Leeds Supplementary School, details what makes volunteer management different from more traditional administration.

Volunteers “have different motivations, needs, wants, and concerns. I’m still in my first year of volunteer management and I love it, but it has come with its fair share of challenges,” she writes.

Writing especially for first-time volunteer managers, Bennett stresses the importance of treating volunteers as individuals.

“Taking on a new responsibility can be difficult and time consuming, but making some time for each of your volunteers is a great way to get going,” she says. “You’ll find out about their needs and motivations, how they like to communicate, what they’re hoping to get out of volunteering, and their goals.”

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