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Monday Buzz: The Trends That Bug Nonprofit Pros

What's really driving nonprofit workers up the wall? One member of the community speaks out. Plus: The worst airports in the world, ranked.

The world of nonprofits is as exciting and as dynamic as ever, with a seemingly endless supply of innovation fueling organizations far and wide. But in spite of this, those in the sector just have to vent sometimes, and that’s exactly what Rainier Valley Corps Executive Director Vu Le does in this post on Blue Avocado.

“Nine Nonprofit Trends that Need to Die” speaks for itself, but there are some common nitpicks and issues Le highlights that are sure to be achingly familiar to those of you in the nonprofit sector.

For example, one-day volunteer events can be great for strengthening the bonds between nonprofits and private enterprise. Or they can be a total mess.

“[W]hen done right, it can be a great partnership. And a great photo-op for everyone,” Le writes. “But usually the business people don’t realize how much time it costs us nonprofits to coordinate this. Often, the business folks leave feeling like heroes, and we end up cleaning up the mess and then we never see them again.”

And then there’s fundraising, which Le often sees being mentioned as “some sort of miracle elixir that will solve all our fiscal ailments.”

“We all know effective fundraising takes time and resource and at least one reputable psychic, so crowdfunding is just one more tool in our toolbox, not some sort of panacea.”

Above all else, Le preaches that “everything has its place.” But for now, check out his post and see which of your own gripes made his list.

Ranking of the Day


We’ve all suffered because of lousy airports, ones that do an awful job at managing lines, helping you with your travel troubles, or facilitating your connection to another flight. That’s why Priceonomics built its ranking of the worst airports in the world. In the U.S., Newark hosts the worst airport. For more details, check out writer Dan Kopf’s full post.

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