Tuesday Buzz: Flip Your Email Strategy on Its Head

Why one association communications pro says you should use email marketing to drive readers to your blog. Also: Reconsider your messaging formula.

Associations send a lot of email to members, potential members, and pretty much everyone else.

But what if we have this information-spreading strategy upside down? What if blogs should be the hub of activity, rather than the emails? That’s the opinion of the Electronic Retailing Association’s Dave Martin, who believes that there is a better way to get people reading your content.

He suggests that instead of creating a standalone newsletter for your association’s blog, you use an email notification to drive readers to your blog. The idea is that, rather than being deluged with content, readers have a a say in how they consume the things you’re sending—and that builds engagement.

“Subscribers get content as often as they want it, on their terms, not yours,” Martin writes on his blog. “They raise their hand when they subscribe and ask for information but it’s their decision how often they’ll receive it.”

Think he has a point—and think you could rejigger your email strategy to make this work for your organization?

When Less is More

Getting people to remember the points you’re making is a challenge, but it can be done through good content design. FeverBee’s Richard Millington suggests that having a strong formula—built around short, simple storytelling—is key.

“Begin with what people remember and work backwards. That’s the secret to designing messages people remember,” he explains. Sometimes, it’s the simplest messages that pack the strongest punch. (ht @RichMillington)

Other Links of Note

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Trying to get some great video content at your next event? It might help to have a studio ready to go, says Tagoras’ Jeff Cobb.

If you’re hungry for a new version of the Android operating system, the latest version name should sate your sweet tooth: it’ll be called Marshmallow.


Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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