Thursday Buzz: Take a Bite out of Apple

The tech giant's latest product release brings some snazzy upgrades to the iPad and iPhone. Plus: Build your organization's revenue beyond member dues.

The iPad Pro, Apple’s latest effort to get us all on tablets, is “the biggest news for the iPad since the iPad,” company CEO Tim Cook said yesterday, during the firm’s latest product release event.

Larger than life, the Pro comes with a 12.9-inch Retina display and an approach that emphasizes multitasking more than earlier iPad models have. The company boasts that the device has twice the graphics capabilities of its predecessor, the iPad Air 2, and that it is “faster than 80 percent of ‘portable PCs’ sold in the past year.”

The entry-level iPad Pro, with 32GB of storage space and WiFi capabilities, is $799; the 128GB WiFi version is $949; and the 128GB model with WiFi and cellular access is $1,079.

But what really got people talking about the iPad Pro was its accessories, including a $169 “Smart Keyboard” and the $99 Apple Pencil, a high-quality digital stylus that’s well-suited to drawing. The two devices appear to be direct responses to the Microsoft Surface.

Apple also announced the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, set for release September 25. Starting at $199 with a contract, the updated iPhones have 3D Touch, which brings more options onto a screen, depending on the pressure a user applies.

And the phones’ cameras are getting an upgrade: 12-megapixels on the rear. This is the first time since 2011 that Apple has boosted its camera power, The Verge reports. The front camera is also getting an upgrade: It now takes 5-megapixel selfies.

Finally, Apple announced the launch of the “iPhone Upgrade Program,” which allows users to receive a new unlocked iPhone each year for $32 a month.

Tweet and Resource of the Day

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The iPad Pro, shown with the Apple Pencil. (Handout photo)

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