Friday Buzz: GoPro Shines a Spotlight on Nonprofits

GoPro has announced exciting plans to help organizations reach their goals. Plus: The discussion about online harassment reaches a national audience.

In a world of viral videos and short-lived internet content, the pressure to share new, engaging stories can be a burden for nonprofits. Because engagement and awareness promotion are central to an organization’s success, this struggle can be especially harmful to those hoping to inspire change.

Good news on that front: GoPro founder and CEO Nick Woodman has announced the GoPro for a Cause program. It’s designed to help nonprofits reach their goals by providing them with GoPro cameras, financial support, and help from professional video producers and distributors.

“From the beginning we’ve had a vision to scale GoPro as a platform to inspire,” Woodman said in his announcement. “Our goal with GoPro for a Cause is to help social causes inspire a global audience with their stories.”

The list of nonprofits already involved in the program include St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the Mauli Ola Foundation, and Bicycles Against Poverty.

Tweet of the Day:

An important discussion about online harassment hit the top of Twitter’s charts today during the final keynote address of the Online News Association’s annual conference. Titled We Belong Here: Pushing Back Against Online Harassment, the discussion became a must-watch for anyone facing the darker side of online discourse.

Other Good Reads

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Congress may turn to you for renewable energy. In a letter published in the LaCrosse Tribune, Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D) shared her hope that  Congress will pass the Nonprofit Energy Efficiency Act, which will encourage nonprofits to help find solutions for clean energy.

Need help with fundraising? There’s an app for that. Posiba, an information service, has announced the launch of its new app, Givn, which could make it easier for organizations to solicit and collect donations.

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