National Love Your Lawyer Day

Association Wants You to Hold Your Lawyer Jokes for a Day

To help celebrate National Love Your Lawyer Day on November 6, the American Lawyers Public Image Association is asking people to limit their lawyer-related jabs—for 24 hours, at least.

Most people know a lawyer joke or two. But one association is asking people to refrain from making any digs at attorneys for one day in November in an effort to show appreciation for the profession.

As part of its annual National Love Your Lawyer Day, the American Lawyers Public Image Association is asking members of the public to donate $20 to their charity of choice for every lawyer joke they let slip on November 6.

“Everyone hates lawyers until they need one,” said Nader Anise, ALPIA executive director. “So this day is to recognize, appreciate, and thank lawyers, and also judges, who for the most part do their jobs exceptionally well and are unappreciated. The mantra of the day is we want lawyers to be commended, not condemned.”

Launched in 2001, just a year after ALPIA was formed, the national commemorative day encourages people to do something nice for the lawyers who represent them in life’s difficult moments. “Call your attorney and say ‘Happy Lawyer’s Day!’ or ‘Thanks for a doing a great job,’ or even send a gift, flowers, or a card,” Anise said in a news release. “Lawyers are always painted as the bad guy, even if they pull off some crazy, Houdini-esque maneuvers to help their clients.”

Attorneys are being asked to give back as well. ALPIA is encouraging lawyers to donate at least one hour of pro bono work or the equivalent of one billable hour to select charities.

Since its inception almost 15 years ago, the day has grown in popularity and is now celebrated in several countries around the world. “We’ve had participation around the United States and Canada, also coverage in Sweden, Greece, Finland, England, and at this point it has become an international day,” Nader said.

ALPIA was initially created as a project to enhance the public’s view of lawyers and not as a member-based organization. But given growing interest in joining among lawyers and nonlawyers, ALPIA is currently putting together membership packages, Nader added.


Katie Bascuas

By Katie Bascuas

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