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Wednesday Buzz: A Global Call for the Sharing Economy

Expand your notions about the sharing economy beyond cars and hotels as the UN meets to discuss various important issues. Plus: What the rise of olive oil has to do with associations.

Now that we’ve explored what the sharing economy means for association meetings, let’s dive into what it means for various association causes!

The Weather Company Chairman and CEO David Kenny has a new post about why “We all need to join the Sharing Economy” in the latest entry of LinkedIn’s Take Action series. Kenny focuses on the United Nations General Assembly’s upcoming discussions concerning sustainable-development goals, which tackle topics with wide-ranging implications, from climate change and healthcare, to clean energy and more.

As Kenny notes, there are a huge number of organizations working on all of these issues, including socially minded businesses, governments, nonprofits, and associations.

“Unfortunately, some of this effort is inefficient or duplicative because of the lack of real public-private partnerships to align interests against a common goal,” he writes.

To relieve the burden caused by identical actions, Kenny has steered the Weather Company toward three major tenets of the sharing economy:

  • share insights and technology
  • share employees and their insights
  • sharing organizational economics

For elaboration on those three goals, check out Kenny’s full post here.

Advocacy Success of the Day


Find yourself using more olive oil lately? You’re not alone, as Washington Post reporter Roberto Ferdman uncovered in this intriguing story on what he dubs the “tyranny of olive oil.” As you can see from the chart above, consumption has rapidly increased, and as it turns out, organizations like the International Olive Oil Council have played a big role in that ascent.

Other Good Reads

It took a while to gain momentum, but Facebook Instant Articles have moved beyond initial hype and will be making a big splash thanks to a newly announced partnership with the Washington Post. All future stories from the publisher will be sent to Facebook for use on Instant Articles, becoming the first major organization to sign such an extensive deal.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at what makes a stellar sponsored-content campaign tick with this story from Ad Age editor Nat Ives on The Wall Street Journal‘s “Narcos,” work.

We’ve been talking a lot about data this week, and to keep the topic  top of mind, nonprofit advisor Colleen Dilenschneider explains “Why It Is Okay If Your Nonprofit Hates Data (And Why You Need It Anyway)”.

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