Thursday Buzz: How You Could Be Rated on an App

A new app is causing a buzz, but not for the best reasons. Plus: how to move past the fear of rejection.

Imagine a rating and review service like Yelp, but for individuals. Anyone you know, including yourself, could be rated by the app. That service you’re imagining is Peeple.

“Peeple is an app that allows you to rate and comment about the people you interact with in your daily lives on the following three categories: personal, professional, and dating,” the company’s website says. “Peeple will enhance your online reputation for access to better-quality networks, top job opportunities, and promote more informed decision-making about people.”

The app, set to launch in November, is already raising eyebrows. Washington Post reporter Caitlin Dewey, who specializes in internet issues, outlines some concerns about the app.

“There’s no way such a rating could ever accurately reflect the person in question: Even putting issues of personality and subjectivity aside, all rating apps, from Yelp to Rate My Professor, have a demonstrated problem with self-selection,” she writes.

But for anyone concerned about his or her online presence, even the possibility of another way to be rated and ranked, particularly in a professional context, could be disconcerting.

While there is no way to opt out, negative reviews will only show up if an individual has an account, which enables the person to challenge those ratings. The app cofounders also say they have instituted measures to prevent bullying.

Whether Peeple will make a big splash remains to be seen, but the app has already been valued at $7.6 million.

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