Thursday Buzz: The Scariest Office Monsters

Are your co-workers' bad habits driving you batty? This list of scary office-worker types may sound spookily familiar. Plus: Make your webinar the next best thing.

When it comes to officemates, is there anything scarier than a backstabber?

The answer is no—and it’s a tough situation that a lot of office employees have had to deal with—31 percent of advertising and marketing executives, in fact, according to The Creative Group.

In a new blog post, the firm highlights the different types of office monsters: self-absorbed mummies, germy sickos, always-away ghosts, hay-making scarecrows, and disengaged zombies.

The scariest monster highlighted by the firm might be the “witch’s brewers,” or employees who turn the microwaves into scary, smelly messes.

“Is the nasty stench of a leftover cod sandwich or burnt popcorn wafting through the building? You know who’s to blame,” the company’s Doug White writes.

Any scary office monsters you think the firm missed?

Webinars, Webinars, Webinars

It’s time to talk about webinars. They’re quick, informative, and they can easily fit into busy schedules. But webinars can also be, well, boring.

To help boost webinar engagement, Stacy Firth at Business 2 Community describes steps organizations can take so they don’t get dropped RSVPs. She also outlines how you can use webinars to boost your content marketing. (ht @vjmeetings)

Links for Your Day

Perception is everything, and can often affect how we interpret mean email messages. Over at Inc., writer Bill Murphy Jr. suggests the best ways to decipher a sassy, offensive, or rude email in a strategically smart way.

“There seem to be so few among us who consistently practice true 360-degree accountability.” Stephen Fishman,’s senior director of platform services, searches for accountability in a CMSWire piece.

Learn from the dictators. Yes, someone said it. Thorin Klosowski at Lifehacker explains how you can boost productivity by looking at the strategies of past dictators. Hey, it could come in handy!


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