Tuesday Buzz: Reddit’s New Content Hub

With Upvoted.com, the influential and often controversial site hopes to extend its community beyond members and improve monetization. Sound familiar? Plus: introducing the event technology of the year.

Say hello to Upvoted, Reddit’s brand-new news site, which it hopes can serve as the perfect gateway, for the uninitiated, to its community and benefits. Looking through its goals and tactics, association pros may notice an interesting similarity between the site and their own organizations’ content initiatives.

Wired reporter Julia Greenberg sat down with editorial team leader Vickie Chang to find out what Upvoted’s mission is and how it fits into Reddit’s larger plan. As Greenberg explains, Upvoted serves three big purposes:

  • It can help the site reduce the amount of traffic it loses via outbound links.
  • It can introduce a new audience to Reddit.
  • It can give advertisers a chance to experiment with sponsored content written by the editorial team.

“The stuff our community creates on a daily basis blows our mind,” the Upvoted team told Greenberg, via email. “Unfortunately, rather than telling that story, some news outlets take our users’ content and repackage it as their own. They don’t tell the backstory of our communities. We think our users’ stories need to be told, but with them at the center of it.”

When asked about questionable content or content that critiques decisions made by Reddit’s executives, Chang told Greenberg that everything’s fair game: “If it’s a topic of discussion, the community is always going to be our first priority.”

Competition of the Day


Event Manager Blog has selected five finalists for its Event Technology of the Year award, a list that includes throwable microphone Catchbox, event app provider DoubleDutch, interactive presentation software maker Glisser, mobile event-planning-software maker Social Tables, and downloadable microphone Crowd Mics. The polls are still open, so cast your ballot to have a say in who takes home the prize.

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